Why Women Like Bald Men

Published: 29th September 2010
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Men think that women are drawn to a full head of hair—that this conveys youth and vitality. Is this true? Well, yes—but only for the kind of woman that you don’t want anyway. If you’re looking for a life-mate, trying to attract a woman that’s interested in perpetual youth isn’t exactly a recipe for success! Here are a few of the top reasons why women may like you MORE with less hair!

1. A receding hairline is often called a "mature" hairline—women definitely like maturity! Your thinning hair may betray the fact that you’re no longer in your teens, but it also signifies that you’re more likely to settle down and to be socially adept—basically, a good marriage partner.

2. Bald men stand out in a crowd! I’ve read and heard a lot from women who say that the man with a shaved head gets their attention. It’s a conversation starter and it conveys confidence.

3. Being bald gives you more personality! A clean-shaven head implies that you are strong, individualistic, good-natured, self-confident, and affectionate!

4. Reinvent yourself. Losing hair on top of your head gives you the perfect excuse to try something new with your facial hair. There is a world of style options here—goatees, beards, and moustaches come in an endless array, and each variety has a unique charm. Play around with your options—adding some fearsome facial hair can give you a completely new appeal.

5. Baldness draws attention to your facial features. Women often notice a man’s eyes when he’s bald. Eye contact can easily lead to attraction—it’s one of the key elements of flirting! When a woman feels that a man has beautiful eyes, she’s likely to believe that he is more compassionate and intuitive—giving a sense of security, connection, and intimacy.

In general, women are drawn to what pleases their eye, but they are much more concerned with a man’s personality traits. Overwhelmingly, women will say that a sense of humor, loyalty, honesty, inner strength, and compassion are the most desirable qualities in a man.

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